A new drug Xadago approves By FDA to treat Parkinson’s disease

Fda approves new drug for parkinson disease

US FDA approves A new Drug i.e Xadago (safinamide) For the treatment of Parkinson Disease A Disease In Which Cells In The Brain Which Produce Dopamine Become Impaired Or Die. Dopamine Is A chemical That helps transmit signals between the areas of the brain that produce smooth, purposeful movement  such as eating, shaving and writing.According To Report Of National Institute Of Health More Then 1 Million Americans Have Parkinson Disease And  Approximately 50,000 US Citizens Are Diagnosed With Parkinson Disease Each Year.

The New Drug Is A Great Plus To The Treatment Of Parkinson Patients Who are Currently Using Levodopa or carbidopa For OFF Episodes.

According To FDA press Release The effectiveness of Xadago in treating Parkinson’s sickness was shown In Two Clinical Trials.In First clinical test of 645 participants who were additionally taking levodopa and were experiencing “off” time. Those receiving Xadago experienced a lot of useful “on” time, a time when Parkinson’s symptoms are reduced, without difficult uncontrolled involuntary movement (dyskinesia), compared to those receiving a placebo. the rise in “on” time was among a reduction in “off” time and better scores on a measure of motor function assessed throughout “on” time than before treatment.

In The Second Clinical Trial of 549 participants, the participants adding Xadago to their L-dopa treatment had additional “on” time without difficult  uncontrolled involuntary movement compared to those taking a placebo, and additionally had better scores on a measure of motor function assessed throughout “on” time than before treatment.

Some Very Common Adverse reactions Were Seen With The Use Of Xadago Like Trouble In Sleeping (Insomnia), Falls ,Nausea ,And uncontrolled involuntary movement,hallucinations and psychotic behavior; withdrawal-emergent hyperpyrexia (fever) problems with impulse control/compulsive behaviors; retinal pathology and confusion.

According To FDA The Drug Is Contraindicated In Severe Liver Problems And Those Who Are already TaKing Drugs For Cold And Flu Like dextromethorphan.It Is also Contraindicated in Patients Who Are Taking Mono amine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOI) Because This May Cause Sudden Increase In BP.(Blood Pressure)Some Antidepressants Drugs Like Tricyclic , serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs),Tetracyclic,  triazolopyridines and  cyclobenzaprine Can Also Cause Life threatening Conditions Know As Serotonins Syndrome.


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