Don’t Touch It : Drug That Can Kill You If You Touch It

Drug That Can Kill You If You Touch It
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Drug That Can Kill You If You Touch It :US police have issued an imperative public alert when a series of deaths from a Drug That Can Kill You If You Touch It .

The opioid referred to as furanyl fentanyl – a powerful version of the artificial painkiller analgesic 50 times more stronger than heroin– will cause a fatal overdose simply by being absorbed through the skin. It’s reportedly caused nineteen deaths within the state of Georgia over the last year.

The warning comes when 10kgs of pills and powder were taken over during a raid on a pill industrial plant in January, Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) employees became alarmed once they discovered that a box containing pills marked ‘Oxycodone’, a non-hazardous opioid, was in fact furanyl fentanyl.

The (GBI) has reacted to the quantity of overdoses and incidents associated with the drug, as well as others, by provision a public safety alert Thursday.

The drug was placed on the Schedule I list of controlled substances last year after being related to 128 deaths across 5 states in 2015 and 2016. Schedule I is reserved for medication with the very best levels of addictiveness.
“U-47700 and furanyl fentanyl are each Schedule I medication and employed in a similar manner as heroin. Schedule I medication have a high potential for abuse and no presently accepted medical treatment use within the U.S. The medication are distributed in either powder or Tablet form,” GBI said in a very statement.

“Because furanyl Fentanyl and U-47700 are fatal at terribly low doses, law enforcement and therefore the public should use caution once handling these medication. they’ll be inhaled or absorbed through the skin and are very deadly within the smallest quantities.”

Gwinnett County Deputy Shannon Volkadov said: “When I acknowledged what I truly had, [I was] undoubtedly slightly frightened as a result of the quantity that was submitted. something could have happened, however fortunately with the protecting gear and therefore the staff that I had, every thing went Ok.”

According to a GBI Crime research lab chemist Dineen Kilcrease“Oxycodone to the touch it’s still going to be terribly safe. To the touch Furanyl analgesic might fully be fatal, simply through the skin.”

Fentanyl itself has been on the increase within the US in recent years, surpassing heroin because the most ordinarily detected drug in fatal opioid overdoses in Long Island and Connecticut. Last year, the drug was responsible for 188 fatal overdoses in Connecticut, according to figures from the state’s chief doctor.

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