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Acupuncture is The Traditional Chinese treatment In Which Fine And Sterile needles are inserted at certain sites in the body for preventative or therapeutic purposes .

In Chinese medicine, illness is thought to be caused by an energy imbalance in the body. Acupuncture tries to correct this.The number of needles varies but may be only two or three. The practitioner will assess each patient’s case and treatment will be tailored to the individual; so it is impossible to give more than this general idea of what your particular treatment might involve. This ancient system of Treatment has developed over 2,500 years and today is widely used and accepted all over the world.

Uses of acupuncture

Acupuncture is considered suitable for all ages including babies, children and the elderly. It can be very effective on its own and is also often integrated with conventional medical treatment.

Acupuncture practitioners – typically referred to as acupuncturists – use acupuncture to treat a large range of health conditions. However, the utilization of acupuncture is not supported rigorous scientific evidence.

According To NHS Following Conditions Can be Treated With The Help Of Acupuncture:


Chronic tension-type headaches

Acupuncture is also usually used to treat alternative musculoskeletal conditions (of the bones and muscles) and pain conditions, including:

Dental pain

Chronic pain, like neck pain

Joint pain

However, in several conditions wherever acupuncture is employed, there is less sensible quality proof to draw any clear conclusions over its effectiveness compared with alternative treatments.

Also Used For Allergies Like Hay Fever And Eczema

Sleep Problem (Insomnia)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome



Don’t rely on acupuncture for treatment of chronic or serious malady unless you see a doctor first. Acupuncture might not be the sole way to improve your condition. Your health care supplier could advocate acupuncture treatment together with alternative treatment strategies like physiotherapy or medication. Sure enough conditions, like cancer, acupuncture should solely be performed in combination with alternative treatment

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